Experimental Archaeology


Archaeologists can use experimental archaeology to better understand the archaeological record. Experimental archaeology is a process by which an archaeologist replicates artifacts and features such as structures, tools, or ancient technologies in order to better understand how they were made and used.

Flintknapping.jpg Time Team America joined in on some experimental archaeology fun to gain deeper insight into the lives of the people who once lived at the sites we visited. We explored ancient tool manufacture by flint knapping stone tools—and we even used them to process bison meat (The Bones of Badger Hole). We praciticed with the bow and arrow (Lost Pueblo Village) and the atlatl. Time Team America also explored other aspects of life long ago through the reconstruction of a granary (Range Creek season 1) and cooked a meal using traditional foods and methods (Josiah Henson Site).

PLEASE NOTE: The Stone Blade Surgery video is not for the faint of heart! There is graphic footage from the surgery, so viewers beware!!



Archaeology 101

Archaeology 101

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Deciphering the Disciplines

Deciphering the Disciplines

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