Our Field Schools

Archaeology—it captures our imagination, encourages our curiosity, and stimulates our sense of wonder.
It is a great teaching tool that excites and motivates students, and it’s fun!

Society of American Archaeologists

Because we believe that exploring locally and culturally relevant stories from the past with a kit of scientific and high-tech tools can engage a next generation of archaeologists and scientists, Time Team America held a series of Field Schools for middle and high school youth. Field Schools took place at the Lost Pueblo Village / Dillard site at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, the Bones of Badger Hole site, and the Search for Josiah Henson site. An additional Field School took place at Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

Follow our Field Schools as they engage with archaeology and interact with the Team and contributing scientists. Read an interview with Field School Director Dr. Alexandra Jones, who explains how archaeology is a perfect way to get youth interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Here, you'll find links to videos, online interactives, and downloadable activities if you are interested in exploring archaeology and science with young people in your community.